Nobo Speaker Judith Shangold

For those of you who missed Judith Shangold’s presentation on loom shaped garments last night , you can download her pdf on clothing construction for $20. Go to and click on Weaving Collection. Her thoughts on Easy Shapes for Fashionable Garments were explored during her hour long slideshow. She provided a handout,  displayed numerous garments and shared her thoughts on the creative process. Kudos also to Judith who is one of ten winners in the recent Vav – Handwoven Wearables contest!

Stay tuned for more programming on handwoven clothing during the June meeting.

3 Replies to “Nobo Speaker Judith Shangold”

  1. Really enjoyed her presentation last evening on clothing and color. Would love to discuss having her do a workshop for us. Thanks Eileen!

  2. It was very inspirational! Lots of good things to think about.

    Sandra, thanks for taking photos. If you could please post them to our
    site sometime, that would be lovely.

  3. Yes a workshop would be fun!
    I’d like to learn Judith’s tapestry method as well as her construction techniques.
    Great idea Gail.

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