Get Ready to Party!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make our March guild meeting. Between Kathie and Ted, we have comprehensive notes for our minutes.  A fantastic collaborative effort!  These will allow review for those who were in attendance and an inclusive “catch up” for members unable to attend. When time allows, please take some time to read through them once they have been posted.

After all the arm-twisting and teeth pulling, we truly have an amazing “Court” for our next guild year.  Entering our fourth year (!) as NOBO Handweavers Guild, we have and continue to accomplish wonders in our part of the weaving world.  Little did Betsy and I know that in April of 2008 (though we really, really hoped), our small but very devoted gathering would grow into the NOBO of today.  This is my lead in to express sincere appreciation for every member of our guild and to reemphasize how important and meaningful each member’s involvement is and continues to be.  One’s participation may come in the form of a titled position, a regular Show and Share contributor, emailing Lady NOBO fascinating articles/ideas for Textile Tales, supporting another weaver and their work, and the list goes on.  These varied forms of involvement are all highly valued and necessary for our guild to continue with the extremely enjoyable and successful results we have experienced so far.  NOBO Handweavers is deserving of a grand 3rd birthday celebration!

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  1. We’re growing up so fast.
    Thank you, Margaret and Betsy, for dreaming of our wonderful weaving guild over three years ago.
    The energy, talent and friendship of our NOBO family is something special.
    Dreams DO come true :-)

    Happy birthday to us!

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