Fresh Ginger Cake

As promised, here’s the link to the Fresh Ginger Cake I brought to the holiday party here.

To that I add 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger.
Lot’s of spicy ginger, just what Christmas calls for.

P.S. You can use a metal cheese grater (the finer shred) but buying a ceramic ginger grater from the health food store or a Chinese market is even better.

You all know how I appreciate dedicated tools!

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  1. Thanks Kathie! That gingerbread was delicious and I’m surely going to make it this winter!! It was great to see so many of you at the last meeting!
    Love and Happy Holidays,

  2. Thanks, Kathie, that certainly was scrumptious!

    It was a fun meeting the other night. I hope everyone’s having fun finishing
    up holiday gifts!

    I’m struggling with the 2-footed, 2-separate-treadling-patterns I’ve combined
    for those brown/green placemats. I think I’m spending as much time ripping
    out as I am weaving:-( They may not get all 12 mats for Christmas, but I’ll at
    least have some done.

    I got 2/3 of the way through the first one and realized that two wrongs CAN
    sometimes make a right. I made an error, and in fixing that, I accidentally
    changed to a treadling that wasn’t on my printout, but that turned out to be
    correct! Somewhere along the way in the many iterations of my design, I’d
    accidentally changed the pattern by tweaking the threading a little, and I
    hadn’t realized it. It only makes a subtle difference in the M’s and O’s
    squiggle, but *I* can see it;-) Good thing I put warp on for 14 mats!

    Happy Holidaze!


  3. Yes, a great party ;-)

    Wonderful to see you again, Liz.
    Please come back and bring John.

    Patricia-you are amazing. Your placemats look so effortless. Who knew what was happening back at the loom…
    Lucky kids.
    I have the advantage of having seen the table Milt made them-stunning!
    Your placemats will truly be the icing on the cake :-)

    have a Merry “gingery” Christmas everyone!

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